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Amping Up Your Spring Style

Spring is the perfect season and time of the year to amp up your own personal style. It is the time of year to find the right pieces that not only fit your body but brighten up your skin and are reflective of the changing season. It can be hard to find the right pieces that compliment your body as well as look and feel amazing once put together. One of the most important things to remember is to always be open to trying on a lot of different pieces in brighter bolder colors as well as pieces that accentuate your bodies best features and fit your bodies shape perfectly.


Accentuate Your Best Features. One very important thing to remember is to learn to accentuate your bodies best features. If your legs are a part of your body that you find to be your best feature, than do not feel afraid to show it off (As long as you are showing it in the right manner). When shopping don't feel afraid to find clothing pieces that properly accentuate your bodies best features. For me I love to accentuate my shoulders, and declitay. I have found that off the shoulder tops are very flattering on me and that is why for me as the Spring/Summer season is underway I am wearing more and more off the shoulder blouses as well as dresses AND REMEMBER, to be confident, Learn to love yourself and do not feel afraid to show off your bodies best features.

FIND THE RIGHT DRESS TO FIT YOUR SHAPE. It is hard to find the right Spring/Summer dress to fit your body shape, accentuating your body in all the right places. When shopping for the perfect Spring/Summer dress their are many important things to remember. One thing to remember is to make sure you are staying true to size. Nothing is more unflattering than an ill fitting dress. Make sure that this fits very well and is accentuating your best features. Lastly make sure that whatever Spring /Summer dress you are interested in purchasing brings great color to your seasonal wardrobe. Picking up a dress (And or any other article of clothing) in darker colors does not bring a bright colorful look to your style and wardrobe.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO WEAR WHITE White is a universal color, which tends to look good on a multitude of skin tones. White is also a color which can be worn with virtually anything as well as worn alone.

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