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Cantu Curl Activator Cream

Cantu has been a hair care line that has been a staple in the natural hair community for many years. They have a wash day full of products geared to moisturizing and defining your natural curls. This brand honestly was a staple for me in the beginning of my hair journey over 10 years ago. With the discovery of other natural hair brands through out the years, I began to steer away from The Cantu and I am now rediscovering products from this line.

One product I have fallen in love with is the Cantu Curl Activator Cream. I recently discovered this product when I purchased a sample bottle at my local Rite Aid Drug Store. From the very moment I used this product I fell in love, and have been using this product every wash day sense.

This product has many amazing benefits for my hair and for the look and feel of my wash and go.

1. It is very moisturizing (Adding extreme moisture with Shea Butter, Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil.

2. Defines Curls (Making curls clump together for an ultra defined look)

3. Adds hold without drying your natural curls out.

4. keeping curls defined and long lasting for a full week of stylish wear.

5. Mixes well with other products leaving the hair defined and flake free.

This product has become a major staple in my wash and go routine and will continue to be for many years to come.

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