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Developing A New natural Hair Routine

Beginning this year I have started to develop a new natural hair routine that focuses on lengthening and strengthening my natural hair. The products that I had been using in the past were not working effectively like they use to in my hair. I was noticing extreme dryness as well as their being little to no growth in my hair. I began to realize that maybe I needed to upgrade the types of products that I was using in my natural hair. Their have been several products that I have had my eye on and after much back and forth I finally decided to purchase the DevaCurl Decadence Conditioner, Taliah Waajid Curl Cream and Uncle Funky's Daughter Curl Magic. After using these products I found my hair to be responding very well and a lot of the other issues that I have had in the past to be gone. I have been sticking to these products each week with with no variation. I also have been deep conditioning with heat each week and have been steering clear of manipulating hairstyles. My other major changes is that now I am incorporating biotin into my routine. I am shampooing my hair with a biotin shampoo as well as taking a pure biotin supplement each day. I know that in time with all of these small changes I will be able to see great strides in terms of my hair growth.

My overall advice to anyone who is struggling in their natural hair journey is to re-evaluate your weekly routine. Are the products that you are using really good for your hair? Are they helping bring length and strength to your hair? If not then maybe it is time to switch up your routine and try to find and use products that will help enhance your already beautiful hair.

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