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Fall Switch Up

With the beginning of the seasons it is time for a switch things up, not only with our fashion, but with our natural hair routine, Products and methods. For me I am completely switching up my hair routine. I have decided to go back to introducing interlocs in my life and am fully committed this time, I have made this decision after giving it much thought and research (more research, than last time), I came up with a clear method that works for me. I have decided to do small braidlocs with interlocked roots. and I have left my ends curly. In all actuality majority of my hair is loose while the roots and are interlocked followed by a braid, the braid and the loose natural hair is separated by a knot where I wrapped some if the hair around the braid, making it into a tight knot. This style gives me complete versatility as well as the tiny interlocs that I have wanted. I do have more microlocs that i installed this time as oppose to the last time. and the interlocs are much smaller this time than before. I worked for four straight days to install these.

Many people may ask me why I decided to go back to this journey and do interlocking again. I tell them this one simple answer it's because I want to. I have been natural for over 10 years and yes I love my loose natural hair, but I am finding myself more and more that I missed my locs and I miss the freedom I had when I had them. With my ends still curly I do get that curly wash and go look.I am happy with my hair and how it does look.

This style took a total of 4 days to complete andI was very consistent on the size of my locs. I wanted them small and and I worked hard to remember to keep the sections very small. I kept all of my locs small and neet.I have had them in exactly a week and I have not added any product to the hair except for a little gel and oil to my edges. I also am not experiencing any itchiness or irritation thus far.

As far as my YouTube content I still will be reviewing products such as shampoos, Gels and refresher sprays. I will be showing you guys my night time and morning routines, wash days and braid out and twist outs. I am also diving into doing more makeup and fashion SO LOOK OUT HERE I COME!

Many people ask is this a journey I am going to keep up with and the answer is yes. Mainly because I have the best of both worlds and I am super excited to see this journey in a year and beyond.

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