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Hair Growth Tips

Whoever said black natural hair can't grow was totally wrong. Anyone has the ability to grow their hair as long as they want, all they need is the right knowledge on what they can do to grow their hair. Hair growth is not made from taking a magic pill, but from using the proper techniques and from continuious care. Natural hair needs special care and attention because it tends to be drier than relaxed hair and is more easiely prone to breakage. Here are a few tips to use when you are going through your natural hair growth journey.

1. Always remember to keep your hair as moisturized as possible. ( Doing this will help to reduce breakage.)

2. Find the right products that work well with your hair. Finding the right products is important because you want to use products that are adding to the health and growth of your hair.

3. Develope a healthy hair regimen. Make sure that you are washing your hair on schedule every week as well as deep conditioning on a regular basis. Doing this will help to develope healthy hair as well as prevent breakage to your strands.

4. Watch how you are styling your hair. Try not style your hair to tight because doing so can cause your hair to break, which in turn delays the hair growth process. Curly hair strands tend to be more fragile, so the less tendsion you put on those strands the better. Plus styling your hair too tight can weaken your edges

5. Eat right and drink plenty of water. This can be easier said than done, but there is so much truth to this statement. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients can aid in the growth of your hair because these are absorbed in the body and can effect how your hair grows as well as how your skin looks as well. Water consumption is important for your bodies overall health because it helps to keep the body clean and pure of toxins and keeps your body well hydrated.

6. Have realistic hair growth expectations. Don't expect your hair to grow overnight. We all would love to wake up in the morning and have waist length hair, but healthy hair takes time to grow. Everyones hair grows at a particular rate and some people genetically grow hair faster than others. Do not get discouraged, be patient and in time your hair will grow to the length your are looking for.

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