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How I Have Made Working Out A Way Of Life.

Working out a way of life? That may be a weird idea to think about. Most people tend to exercise here and there and have not made the full commitment to living a lifestyle where working out is an everyday part of it. Working out and developing a healthy lifestyle is a very difficult thing to do, (harder for some than others.) For me this journey was my toughest yet.

In December of 2020 I had come to a place where I had enough. Enough of the same recurring question Are you pregnant? NO NO NO....... Is always my answer and honestly I cannot get pregnant anymore due to the decision to burn my tubes after finding out I can no longer carry a child to full term. With learning this news I was not upset, but truly blessed God had given me a boy and a girl in that order, both thanks to God are healthy (despite my issues with Sickle Cell.) After months, which turned into years I became increasingly tired due to my sickle cell so I one day said if you don't really do something about the way you feel and look it will become too late. Also with the pandemic taking life I realized how important my health was and keeping my body safe from sickness. So I told myself that following Monday I was going to start. Honestly I didn't think I was going to be successful, but at least I was going to try. So I did and the first day was a killer not gonna lie, but I was kinda proud of myself for starting. Sense starting my journey 9 months ago I have had my ups and downs, from dealing with issues such as a sprained back and days of wanting to give up. But all in all I have stayed consistent and am now working out every morning 6 to 7 days a week.

Making exercise a priority in my life has definitely taking some time and adjusting. First decision, was to decide the perfect time of day to workout? For me mornings work best because I like to get my workout out the way so I can Start my day. The second question is what is going to be my fitness schedule? I decided to do a flexible schedule because I get bored easily and I also have decided to not go with traditional workout plans (except for the 1,000 ab challenge I did and completed). Find out what works for you. Do you need a regimented workout schedule then do so and write one out. If not just find what works best for you. For me I do random cardio workouts because I love the fun in the different cardio types of workouts. Once you have done this, you are on your way to making workouts a part of daily life.

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