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I recently have experienced a bit of a set back in terms of my hair growth journey. Last month I styled my hair in jumbo sized box braids for a family event. I wore the braids for only a few days when I began to notice that the braids were becoming very loose and was pulling my hair along the edges. I had worn the braids down and I did not have them pulled back in anyway, eventhough I did I one morning I felt my braid along with my hair popped out from the roots. Not only did one of my braids pop but two others did as well. I became so upset by this I quickly started to take my braids out. As I was taking my braids aloose I began to realize that this had happened not because my braids were tight (which they weren't), it was because my braided sections were to heavy. I had added way too much hair on my small sections. The rest of my hair was still very healthy and I had fortunately not recieved any damage anywhere else in my hair. But now that this has happened I have to Take careful mesures to grow my edges back to where they need to be.

Tips On How To Repair Damaged Edges

1. Deep condition regularly. This is important because deep conditioning can help bring moisture and help repair damaged strands and follicles.

2. Using Jamacian Black Castor Oil. Doing this helps to add moisture to damaged hair and follicles and Castor Oil is also seen as one oil which can aid in hair growth. Castor Oil can be applied to the damaged areas everyday and gently messaged into the scalp for added benefits.

3.Staying away from tight styles and updos. During this time of repair one should stay away from tight styles that pull or tug on the edges as well as updos which cause tension to be placed on the hairline.

All of these things can be done not only during times of hair damage and breakage, but in general as well. With these steps as well as taking extra care of your edges, they should soon look and feel exactly the way they were before.

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