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When starting a fitness plan the two things that are important in achieving your goals, are exercising and losing weight. Most people feel as if learning to develop a healthy eating plan is super complicated. There are so many people that feel that there are too many meal plans and diets out on the market. So which to choose? The true answer is nothing. Restricting food and starving yourself is definitely not the answer. It's honestly about balance. Its cliche to say this, but it's true, but having a healthy diet is about balance in vitamins, nutrients along with Incorporating some treats and foods that you like. As long as you are incorporating enough of the good stuff, its ok to have a treat here and there. It is the wrong idea to have that in order to eat healthy you can never have a treat here and there, especially if you have been doing well and eating clean majority of the time. Adding these small extra calories every now and then is ok and can be quickly burned during your workout. Don't ever take over snacking for granted the goal is to eat clean and healthy majority of the time, but to also not deprive yourself of some of the treats you may like. Remember it called BALANCE!

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