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One of the hardest things to deal with when starting your natural hair journey is learning to love your hairs natural texture. Many people when starting their natural hair journey are unhappy with the hairs natural texture that starts to grow in. Many people become so unhappy that they end up quiting this journey very early on. One of the most important things to remember before starting this journey is that you are going to have to have patients and you are going to have to give your hair time to reach its full potential. Understanding this as well as the fact that this is a journey that is going to be filled with ups and downs. This journey is well worth it because in the end you are putting your hair in the most healthiest state it has ever been, when cared for correctly. In order to to do that you will have to give yourself time to learn and understand what products as well as ingredients and techniques work best in your hair. In order to love your hair you have to learn and understand that no matter what your hairs natural curl pattern is it is beautiful and unique to you.

Many people when starting a natural hair journey start thinking that their natural curl pattern is going to look like someone elses that they have seen in magazines and on TV. They tend to begin this journey not aware that natural hair comes in many different types of curl patterns and their's may not look like the celebrities that they see on TV. Once your natural curl pattern starts to grow in your curls may look tighter and your hair may look thicker than many other naturals that you have seen before. Don't let this keep you from continuing on your journey. You have to remember that even though your curl pattern may not look like others that does not make your hair look any less beautiful.

Learning to love your hair is something that happens with time. Many people tend to not like their hair and natural curl pattern because it is harder for them to work with and style. In order to develop a love for your hair you have to be able to work with your hair and learn through practice what styling techniques work best with your hair. Some naturals are unable to do wash and go's on there hair because of there kinkier curl pattern. Some naturals who have finer hair texture may have trouble achieving a good twist or braid out on their hair and wash and go's or protective styles may work best for them. With time and practice with different styles you will be able to figure out what styles work best and look the best on your natural hair.

Everyone going through this natural hair journey will have and develop a love hate relationship with their hair. Some days you may feel that your natural curl pattern is looking great and other days you may feel that your hair and natural curl may look a mess. Finding ways to style your hair that works for you is what is going to help you have more good happy hair days. These days are going to happen and even though they do you have to understand that your hair is what makes you uniquely you and love the hair that grows naturally from your head.

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