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Navigating Your Loc Journey Does Not Have To Be Difficult. There Is A Lot Of Miss Information Out There About What to Do With Your Loc's And This Is Why It Is Important To Get Your information From Credible, Reliable Sources. When I Started My Loc Journey I Used To Listen To Everyone Out There With Locs, But I Have Quickly Realized That Not Everyone Has Sound Advice Or Advice That Is Really Going To Help You In Your Loc Journey. The Advice that I Have And Will Be Sharing From You, Is Advice I Have Been Given From A Licensed Loc Professional.

Keep It Simple: The Most Basic Rule In Any Loc Journey No Matter If You Have Sisterlocks, Microlocs And Or Traditional Locs Is That You Do Not Need To Do A Lot With Your Locs. From The Moment You Establish Them, Please Remember That You Don't Need To Do A Lot Of Fancy Styles Or Use A Lot Of Products. When I First Started My DIY Microloc Journey I Was Under The Impression That I Could Still Use A Lot Of The Same Products On My Locs That I Used On My Loose Natural Hair. I Quickly Realized That I Cannot, Because It Keeps The Hair From Truly Locking. Little To No Product at All Is What Is Ever Really Needed With This Journey.

Water Is Your Friend. With This Journey Many Men And Women Will Say That Their Hair Is Or Has Become Extremely Dry. After Asking A Licensed/Trained Loctician About This Her Number 1 Advice To All Her Clients And Anyone Who Asks Is To Spray Your Locs With Plain Water Or Rose Water, Because Water Is The Number 1 Key To Moisture In Any Hair Whether You Are Loc'd Or Not. Her 2nd Advice Is To Seal That Water With A Light Oil, But She Only Recommends This For People Who Have Been Loc'd Almost A Year. Don't Be Afraid Of Spraying Water On Your Locs, When They Are Dry.

Tight Styles. We All See A Lot Of Beautiful Loc Style And Yes They Are Great, But Doing These Styles To Often Can Cause A Lot Of Damage To The Locs And Your Hair In General. I Know As For Me I Cannot Do A Lot Of Different Loc Styles because I Have Very Fine Edges And In Order to Keep My Edges And The Locs Around My Edges InTact I Have To Refrain From Wearing A Lot Of Updo Styles. In The Early Stages It Is Important Not to Do Anything That Will Keep The Hair From Naturally Locking And Tight Updo Styles Will Do That. Doing These Style Can Cause The Locs Not To Settle And Truly Develop. What Makes The Strands Truly Loc Up Are When The Strands Merge Together And When You Are Doing Updo's And Tight Styles You are Preventing The Locs From Merging Together, Because You Are Stretching The Strands. It Is Important To Also Avoid Tight Styles Because If You Are Continuously Doing Them it May Cause Breakage At The Hairline. These Are The Direct Reasons Why It Is Important To Avoid Tight Loc Styles.

Patience. Lastly It Is Important To Learn To Be Patient With The Loc Process. It Takes A While For The Hair To Grow And For The Strands To Loc. There Is No Such Thing As An Ugly Stage, Your Hair Is Transitioning Not In An Ugly Stage. Give Your Hair Time Grow And Develop And Enjoy Every Step Of The Process.

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