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May Monthly Favorite: Mane Krush

We are starting the month of May off strong with a new black owned c by the name of Mane Krush. This company prides itself on truly all natural products that aid in extreme hair health and growth. Their products include Ayurvedic ingredients as well as other natural ingredients such as nettle root, hibiscus and avocado oil. These products are chosen to work well together in developing a healthy scalp and strains.

I discovered this company through Instagram and was very happy to see the positive reviews from its customers about this companies products have truly helped them in their natural hair journey. I also was drawn to this company because it is black owned and the owner hand makes these products, which for me is a big plus.

I have tried the Krisis Kontrol Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner as well as the Kurltini Styler and both were incredible products, which I have and will continue to use.

Krisis Kontrol Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner: This deep conditioner has Ayurvedic ingredients that are specifically targeted to strengthen, repair and reconstruct hair. This is shown to be a great deep conditioning treatment to help rebuild the broken bonds in your hair. Ayurvedic treatments are used as a system of heali

ng the hair stains, which will in turn help the hair to grow, making this a deep conditioner very beneficial for hair health and growth. The second product from this line that I enjoyed using thus far is the Kurltini Styler- This is a cream gel that has a great amount of hold and does not require you to use a lot in order to see or feel its powerful benefits. This gel contains aloe vera, flaxseed oil and sunflower oil along with a slew of other incredible ingredients. This gel definitely has a maximum hold which will help you keep your style all week long. This gel also does not flake and mixes with even with other products that are outside of the line and even the brand. Both products have been very beneficial to me and are a new staple in my hair care routine.

All of these product as well as other incredible products from the brand can be found on the Mane Krush website.

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