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My Conditioning Struggles

Finding the right conditioner has be a recent struggle for me in the past couple of months. I am a bit of a product junkie and have tried a lot of different conditioners. I have loved all of them at first, but after a few uses I have found most of them to not be affective enough to continue to use on a regular basis. After speaking to a friend about my dilema, I realized that I was not alone. So what is one to do about this. I have decided that it is time for me to set standards as far as what a conditioner should have in order to be effective for me, If I don't I will end up with a whole bin full of conditioners. What does a conditioner have to have in order for it to be effective for me.

1. Slip (In order to detangle properly).

2. It must be moisterizing (Not causing your hair to feel striped).

3. The quantity of the product must be worth the money.

4. It must aid in giving me the best results for my wash and go.

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