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Eco Styler is a product that I have been using on my hair for over 10 years, both when I was relaxed and now that I am natural. I have used this product in my hair for several reasons. It kept my hair very slick when I style my hair in buns, ponytails and protective styles. It has worked for my wash and go's, keeping my hair defined as well as giving me the gel cast that I like (A gel cast is a hold left by the styling gel you use in your hair). I have tried many other gels trying to get the same result but nothing has worked as well as the Eco Styler Gel.

Within the last 6 months of my natural hair journey I have noticed a significant amount of breaking in my crown area, especially in the areas I add Eco Styler to everyday. I also have noticed my hair becoming increasingly thin all over. I began to think it was something that I was doing in terms of my diet, but after much research I realized that their was no evidence of my medications causing thining or dryness. I spent countless hours looking into the ingredients in my medications as well as speaking wit my doctors and still found no evidents of these medications causing dryness or thining. I then looked into my diet I do eat fairly well, including a lot of fruits vegetables and whole grains. I also exercised and drank tons of water. With all that being said I then started looking into the products I was using in my hair. I didn't find anyone product that could have caused my thining edges and hair loss except for the Eco Styler Gel. It also was the one product that I was using on my hair consistently. I then started to look into the products ingredients and the only ingredient that I found to be a problem was Tetrasodium EDTA

After extensive research I found that this products TEA ingredient was not intended to be harmful to the hair in small amounts, but in large amounts and over 10 years of use it can cause scalp irritation which leads to thining and dryness. I was experiencing all of those symptoms and quickly realized that I had to eliminate this product out of my weekly routine.

Even after eliminating this products out of my weekly routine I quickly have started to see my hair flourish and grow. My hair has become thicker and and much less dry.I have replaced my Eco Styler with better products and have found a few which have given me the results of Eco Styler without the thining edges and dry scalp.

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