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My Mental Health Struggles

The subject of mental Health Is A Very Tough Subject To Speak About Especially In The Black and Latino Community. Growing Up In My Household Mental Health Was Not A Topic That We Spoke About. In My Family There Has Been Issues With Mental health but I Didn't Learn About It Until I Was Much Older. For Me Personally I Had Issues With My Mental Health Sense A Very Young Age., But It Was Never Anything I was Open To Talk About. As I Had Gotten Older These Past Traumas Were Starting To Affect My Dating Life, How I Communicate With Others And My Anxiety. I Had Hit A Very Low Point In My Life, Once I Had Gotten Into A Very physically Abusive Relationship, Unfortunately It took Me to Be Physically Abused, Which caused my Sickle Cell Tsbao Flair Up Putting Me In The Hospital. This Was The Final Straw Not Only In My Relationship, But In My life There I Was Tired Of Living and being At My Lowest. There In That Hospital Room, Something Changed Me. My Ex Came To Visit Me And It Was An Unwanted Visit. I Had Enough So Placed A Restraining On Him. Honestly Doing So Was The Best Decision Of My Life And It Was The Start Of A Decision To Go To Therapy. I Started Going To Get The Help I Knew I Really Needed And It Helped In Many Ways And I Continued It For Almost 2 Years. Then I Stopped And I was Ok For A While But I Recently Had Made The decision To Go Back To Therapy To Help Me Work On My Issues With Faithfulness In My Life And In My Marriage. I have Seen Huge Improvements In My Life sense Going Back To Therapy. I have drawn closer To My Husband. We Are Now The Closest We Have Been In A Long Time. I Have Been Working On My Issues With My Anxiety and I Am At A Point Now Where I Can Clearly Identify Myself Why I am Having These Anxiety Moments And What Is Causing My Anxiety At That Moment.I Still Have A lot Still To Work On, But I Take it All Step By Step.

I tell You My Story Mainly To Get My Readers To Understand That if At Anytime You Are Suffering With Post Traumatic Issues, Then Don't Be Afraid To Seek Therapy, No Matter What Anyone Says Or Thinks. You Can Always Talk To Your Insurance Company Or To You Physician About Finding Affordable Therapy Options.

Here Is A Book To Help With Self Therapy I Find Very Insightful

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