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This product is a new item that I received as a gift from the Hask beauty line, which can be found at your local Shop rite supermarket, Walgreen's, Ulta and Rite Aid stores. I am loving their Bamboo product line. I have both the shampoo and conditioner from the line and I am truly loving them both. Their are many reasons why I am loving both of these products from the line.

THE BAMBOO OIL SHAMPOO: The shampoo I have used twice in my hair and I have found it to be very moisturizing as well as very easy to detangle with. YES! This product has a lot of slip for a shampoo. I was able to detangle my hair both times and it made my curls feel very soft and easy to work with. The shampoo contains no sulfates or parabens and no alcohol and it is a great product for all of our naturals out there. The bamboo oil and biotin in this product is used to help strengthen the hair preventing split ends. My hair felt truly stronger after using this shampoo and i was truly impressed with the results.

THE BAMBOO OIL CONDITIONER: This strengthening conditioner works one in the same with the shampoo and is just as moisturizing. This conditioner contains no sulfates or Parabens which is great as well. as I have used this conditioner twice as well and I found that this conditioner has a lot of slip as well, making it a great detangler. This conditioner made my hair feel very soft as well as very strong mainly because of the protein based complex that this product includes.

Both products having a biotin and protein based complex within them help to make it stand strong and helps to prevent slip ends and single strand knots. These products are very reasonably priced under $10.00 each and can be used on every wash day no matter if you are doing a wash and go or a twist out or braid out.

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