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AFRICAN PRIDE SHEA BUTTER MIRACLE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: This leave in conditioner is something that I quickly picked up in the beauty supply store one afternoon because I could not find my usual leave In in the store. I had seen this used in a few YouTube videos before, but I never really paid attention to this product very much (mainly because I had a Leave In which I was satisfied with). Once I tried this product I was truly impressed. This leave In has a lot of great qualities, which truly make it a great leave in to have.

1. VERY MOISTURIZING: This product contains Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil which work together in order to give your hair the maximum amount of moisture possible for shiny, frizz free hair. This product helps to eliminate dryness and is great for detangling as well because of the amount of slip the product has.

2. Works For All Natural Hair Types: This leave In is great for all types of natural hair as well as for transitioners. It is a very lightweight product that is perfect for naturals such as myself with thinner textured hair. The product is light enough to glide through the hair,

making the hair manageable and soft enough to work with and style.

3. This Product Can Be Used In A Variety Of Hairstyles: This product can be used as a moisturizer in a twist or braid out. It is also great for wash and go (helping to prevent the hair from frizzing and tangling). This Leave In is also good as a moisturizing product to add to the hair before straightening as well. Adding this product to dryer hair can give the curls a tighter, moisturized look.

This leave in conditioner has all of the essential components of a great leave in Conditioner because of its moisturizing ingredients as well as how soft it makes the hair feel. It is a product that can be used in any stage of your natural hair journey,

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