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Product Of The Month

TRESemme Perfectly Undone: This product is something that I have seen in many natural hair YouTube videos throughout the years. I never gave this product much thought, and was not ever really interested in using this product. I have used the TRESemme Naturals Conditioner years ago and I loved it. I mainly stopped using it because of the formula change. What made me take intrest in this product was a video I recently watched on a conditioner only wash and go. In the video conditioner was used in the hair as a styler and there was no gel used to help define the curl. I was interested in trying this tecnique for the Fall/Winter and because sense coloring my hair it has felt a little dry. I went to the store in the hopes of finding the TRESemme Natural Conditioner but there was none on the shelf. I had seen this product and decided to give it a try on my own hair. I tried it in my hair on my wash and go and found the results to be amazing. This Conditioner made my wash and go feel very moisturized and it also defined my curls. I also noticed when using this product that my hair felt very soft and had a lot of movement to it. The one and only negative to using this product was that I noticed a lot of shrinkage with my hair. I was able to do a tensions blow dry method in order to stretch my curls for the week. I will definitely continue to use this conditioner in my Fall/Winter hair care routine. This product is resonably priced costing around $5.00 U.S and is a great way to add moisture and shine to your hair.

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