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Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Growth Oil: I purchased this product because I was looking for an oil to moisturize my wash & go's as well as for my once a month hot oil treatments. I was interested in this product becauseof it's ingrediants it has mango butter, olive oil as well as argan and coconut oil in it. After using this product for the first time I began to recognize several different things.

1. This product should be used in small amounts because if not it can leave the hair feeling very oily. The very first time I used this product I did my regular wash & go and I used a bit too much of this product. It in turn it made my hair very oily and greasy. This is a great oil to use just make sure that you are not using too much of it.

2. I did also use this product for my hot oil treatment and I noticed how soft and easy it was to detangle my hair after using it. This product has such a great mix of oils in it and these oils work well together, to not only moisturize your hair, but to leave it feeling very soft.

3. I have also started messaging my edges with this oil, in hopes of it helping my edges to grow back. I take this oil every night and message a small amount on the entire perimeter and nape of my neck before I tie my satin scarf for bed. I am not expecting my edges to grow back overnight, but i am hoping that using this oil will help.

This product has a wide variety of uses for bith natural and relaxed hair. This oil is very reasonably priced costing less than $6.00. Making this product definitly worth the money.

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