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HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY OLIVE CREME HAIRDRESS: This creme is something I was very weary of from the start. I purchased the Hollywood Beauty Olive oil Deep Conditioner and this product was a free gift with purchase. At first I was not interested in even using this product because I just felt that this product was not going to even work for me. What prompted me to use this product was the fact that I had ran out of my usual leave in conditioner. I decided to try this product for my wash and go, not sure it really was going to work. I found that I was still not sure if I really liked this creme even after I used it. This creme for me at first was hard to apply and I felt that this creme did not have enough slip. I wanted to give this product more than one try before I decided that this product was not for me. The next wash day when I used this product I happened to have my hair wetter than usual and I found The application process was a lot easier and with my hair being wet gave the product more slip. My hair was very moisturized and it helped to define my curls. I became very pleased with this product over time and found this creme as an important staple in my hair care routine.

Product Benefits:

1. The first benefit of this product is that this product contains olive oil which is a great oil to add to your hair. Olive oil is a natural oil that is easily absorbed into the scalp giving your hair the most maximum amount of moisture possible.

2. Works On A Variety Of Hair Types: This creme has a medium consistency which is great for both thin and thicker hair textures. This product is not too thick and will not weigh down thin textured hair and is thick enough to give thicker textured hair the complete moisture that it needs.

3. Can Be Used Throughout The Year: This creme because of its medium consistency is a great product to use throughout the year. In the Summer this creme is great because it has a light enough consistency to not weight the hair down but give you the moisture that you need to fight against the humidity. In the Winter this creme is good enough to moisturize ones hair through the harsh weather not causing your hair to feel dry or brittle.

This creme moisturizer is a new gem that I am truly excited to use because it has made my hair much more moisturized and less brittle. I am excited to have featured this little known product. This product has so many positive benefits and can work great in anyone's moisture routine. This product is very reasonably priced at around $7.00 and is not only priced right but is an all around great product.

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