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Product Of The Month

Mane 'N Tail Detangler: This product was something that once again was given to me. I was excited to use this product because growing up my mother used this product line on my hair and we loved it. This product is a spray that says it will help to make the detangling process a lot easier. The product also is said to add extra conditioning to the hair, which will help eliminate the appearance of dry split ends. For me and my daughter I was looking for a product that was going to help detangle our natural stands and not cause our hair to feel dry. I found this product to be something that I kept in my product storage for quiet a while and I recently as I am going through my products, have decided to revisit this.

The Results: This spray I found to first off not be drying at all and my hair was definitely moisturized after using it. I not only used this product on my own natural hair, but on my daughters as well. This product for me moisturized my hair in the same way that water would and I found it no different in my hair than if I used water. As far as my daughters hair I found this product not very moisturizing and it left my daughters hair feeling like it was clogged and dirty with product. As far as it being a product that is good for detangling it did help. With my hair I found this product not very good with detangling. It made my hair feel like I added water and I still had the same struggles detangling my hair as I always do. With my daughters hair this product worked well with her hair and helped me to thoroughly detangle her hair. I would definitely use this product again on my daughters hair as a detangler in sections before I wash her hair, even though it says not to rinse it out. As for me because my hair is thicker and longer than my daughters I would not use this product. I would just use a moisturizing conditioner to detangle my hair instead.

Final Thoughts: I found this product very reasonably priced at around 8 dollars in my local beauty supply store. Not only is this priced right but this product is great for detangling kids hair as well as anyone with very thin textured hair. It does work well to keep the hair moisturized, just be clearly aware of how much product you are spraying on each section as to not clog the roots of your hair. Tried and true is the company that makes this product and is a product that can be used for many years to come.

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