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Africa's Best Herbal Oil: This is a product that I have been using on and off for quite some time and at first I was not sure whether or not to continue using this product or even to feature it on this website. After using it for so long I have found many uses for this product in my hair routine. First I have found that this product is good to use as a pre-poo before I detangle and wash my hair. This product adds just enough extra moisture my hair needs during my wash routine. I have also found that this product is great for adding shine to my hair when I place my hair in buns. I just dab a little on my hair after I style just to add extra shine to my buns. I have also found this oil great to use when you are protective styling. This oil is great to use when your scalp needs to be moisturized when your hair is in braids. I have used this oil on my scalp at night before I tie my hair up. I lastly have used this oil along with my deep conditioner to add more moisture to my hair while I deep condition. My only suggestion I can give to use when using this product is to use a little at a time, like any other oil a little goes a long way.

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