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This months product is something that I have been wanting to try for a very long time and recently I have decided to finally purchase this product on my own to see what the hype was really all about. The "CREME OF NATURE PUDDING PERFECTION" is a creme designed for use in all types of natural hair styles ie. ( wash& go's, twist outs and braid outs). This product has serveral great benefits, helping styles look and feel their best.

1. This product is very moisturizing and gives the hair a great deal of moisture and shine without making the hair feel greasy or weighed down. This creme glides onto the hair with ease and makes your hair feel supersoft and lightweight.

2. This product is good to use on wash & go's as well as braid and twist outs. I personally have used this product on a wash and go as well as on a braid out. I have found that this creme has worked well on both. With my wash and go it gave my hair a great deal of softness and curl definition. I loved the way my hair felt and I was impressed with the minimal amount of shrinkage I recieved. I also used this creme on my hair when doing a braid out and I found that it gave me great results. This product gave my braid out a great deal of definition and tons of softness. This creme worked well as a styler and can be used for a wide variety of hairstyles.

3. This creme lastly mixes well with many other products, which is good when using oils, gels and other stylers. When I used this product I used it in combination with coconut oil and a gel and I found that I didn't recieve any flaking or white residue.

This creme is a great product to use on natural hair in many different types of styles. This creme is great to use to add extra moisture , shine and curl definition. This creme is a great product I will continue to use and will now become a staple product in my hair care routine.

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