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OGX Kuku Oil: This product is an item that I purchased several months ago when I brought a few other items from the OGX hair care line. At first I did not like this product because I felt there was nothing special about this product, but after several uses I have truly grown to love this product. This product is mainly used as a frizz defying curl cream, but I find this product is so much more. I have used this product in conjunction with my wash and go's and I have found that this product is very moisturizing and it definitely helps me to fight frizz. This product contains coconut milk and sweet jasmine and is made from oil extracted from the Kukui seed. This Kukui oil is used to condition the hair strainds proventing frizz. I not only have found that this product is good to use on wash and go's, but this is also good as a great moisturizer to use on braid outs and twist outs. This product is reasonable priced at around $7.00 and for me is worth the purchase.

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