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ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Creme: This product is something that I have had in my product stash for quite some time. I had used it a lot earlier in my natural journey and fell out of love with this product. I started using this product again mainly because I was looking to find products that would not only give my hair a great deal of moisture but help define my curls as well. I also was trying to use up a few of the products that I have on my hair care shelf in order to make room for a few new products to test and try out. This product does have a few benefits but is a product that I still will always be on the fence about.

Pros: This product does a great job in defining the curl as well as preventing frizz. This creme is on the thicker side and will coat the hair very well. This product is nothing like gel and will give your curls a very moisturized defined look. This creme is very reasonably priced at around $8.00.

Cons: This product has a few negatives as well. First this product doesn't mix well with a lot of other products. When using this product one has to remember to use very few other products along with it. Secondly with this creme one should only use a little at a time. This creme is thick and should only be used a little at time in small sections of the hair. Lastly this product does tend to get very clumpy if the product is not used up very quickly.

This creme is a definite on and off product that I have been using for many years. I find that this product really worked well for me earlier in my natural hair journey. This creme was great for me earlier in my journey because I did not use a lot of products in my hair at the time and this product was the main source of moisture for me. Now that I have been natural for well over 5 years my hair uses and needs a lot more in order to keep it well moisturized. This creme for me does not mix well with a lot of my staple products and leaves a white residue in my hair. I also found this product to be too heavy for my hair, which is a lot thinner in texture.This creme is something that I

will continue to use until the jar is going, but I will not be repurchasing it because of its many negatives.

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