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Protecting Your Hair This Fall/Winter

As the Fall season is here and it is time for many of us naturals to change up our natural hair routine. Developing a Fall routine is important in growing and maintaining your natural hair through the upcoming harsh wheather. Being able to develope this routine is important because it will help you give your hair the most amount of moisture possible which is highly needed for this time of the year. Here are a few tips you need to remember this season.


It is important to use products that give you hair the maximum amount of moisture possible. Some of these product include Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Tea Trea Oil. These oils are very moisturizing and penetrate in the hair shaft well, locking in moisture. Make sure that each section of the hair is fully moisturized and is continuously moisturized on a daily basis.


It is important to remember that wollen fabrics from sweaters and scarfs can cause the ends of the hair to split and break. If you are going to wear wollen hats to keep warm this season it is important to rememberto make sure that your hat is lined with satin or silk in the inside. There are many companies out there which make satin lined hats for the Fall and Winter such as If you are a person who is into DIY projects, then making your own satin or silk lined scarf is something to consider doing. If you are going to wear your hair down and on the shoulder make sure that your hair is not rubbing on these wollen fabrics.


Also remember to consider protective styling in the Fall and Winter time. Protective styling is not for everyone but there are still some basic protective styles that everyone can consider for this Fall and Winter. Buns and ponytails are the most easy and basic of protective styles to do this season. For those who are no stranger to protective styling then feel free to use this season to do wear all the braids, wigs and weaves that you want to (Just make sure that you are caring for your hair Properly under these styles).

The fall and Winter is a time to switch up your current routine and consider that your hair made a little more care during this time. Embrace the change and be willing to do what it takes to continue to grow or maintain the health of your hair.

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