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Are you tired of wearing the same old clothes? Or Are you tired of dressing frumpy? Then it is time to revamp your style. It is definitely time to go through your wardrobe and decided what items to keep and which ones to let go of. Doing so requires you to think if each item is essential as well as good for your overall look. There are three important rules to remember when choosing the right pieces to keep in your collection.

1. Make Sure The Item Is Interchangeable

It is important to make sure that each piece that you choose to keep in your collection can be worn with a variety of different pieces. Each piece should be able to be worn with at least three other pieces in your collection. This will allow you to be able to get many uses out of each item that you have. This also allows you to get longer wear out of each piece because you are not stuck to wearing that particular item just for a special event.

2. Make Sure Each Item Accentuates Your Body Type Right.

Make sure that each piece is making your body look its absolute best. Make sure the item fits well as well as looks good on your body depending on your size and shape. You want to make sure that the item feels comfortable as well as looks good on you. If an item is not comfortable then you are more likely not to wear it, which means it will sit in your closet.

3. Make Sure Each Piece Works Well Together.

It is very important to remember to make sure that each piece not only is interchangeable but also that each piece looks good with other pieces. Just because the colors may match the two may still not go together. The items you are wearing together must fall within the same style realm. The complete outfit must look good together, with each piece working well with the next.

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