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Stuck In A Hair Rut

Many times as with many things in life we become complacent and stuck in the same routine. Our natural hair goes through the same thing. As we get to a certain point within our natural hair journey we tend to feel as though we are doing the same things with our hair everyday as well as are using the same products. With doing so we may start to see that our hair is not growing. In order to get ourselves out of this hair rut, so that we can start to see more growth we have to start to work on changing our routine as well as switching up the products that we use. Making these slight changes can help us to see a world of change in our hair.

How To Get Out Of That Hair Rut: One of the most biggest changes that you can make with your hair is to change up your daily and weekly routine. The current routine that you are doing may not work now that your hair is longer. Your routine may also not be working if you curl pattern has changed within the growth process. There are a few things that you can do in order to start to see progress again.

1. One thing that you can do is to develop a new consistent routine that is different from what you are already doing. If you are shampooing your hair only once a month, maybe try to add one more day in the month that you are clarifying your hair. Keeping the scalp clean is important in order to give the hair follicles a chance to breath allowing hair growth. Another suggestion is to make sure to deep condition the hair at least once a week. This is highly important in order to help add more moisture to the hair, helping prevent breakage. Start to work on developing a routine that is going to be something that is done on a consistent basis and helps to give your hair the most maximum moisture possible.

2. Another important thing to do is to make sure that you are adding a great moisture routine to your

weekly wash. This is highly important because in order to see your hair look and feel healthy is to add the right amount and types of oil to your hair. Research to find the right oils that are penetrating to the hair shaft. Certain oils such as castor, olive and avocado oil are great oils to use because the don't sit on top of the hair and are very penetrating to the scalp. Moisture can also be added to the hair when using leave ins and cream stylers as well. When looking for these kinds of products make sure that the first ingredient is water. Water is the most basic way of adding moisture to the hair. Lastly make sure that the next 4 ingredients are oils. oils are the second most important ingredient to add to the hair for moisture.

3. The last important way to get your out of this rut is to make sure that you are changing the way that you style your hair. If you are always wearing your hair in a wash and go, try to do twist outs or braid outs, doing these styles are great ways to lock in the moisture and also to retain length. You can also try adding a few light protective styles to your hair such as loose buns and braids. Those styles also are great ways to hold moisture in and protect the hair from the elements. Trying these styles may really help your hair to grow strong and healthy.

Trying these methods may truly help your hair get out of the rut that its in, as well as help to grow the hair to your desired length. Trying these methods may also help your hair to start to retain maximum moisture and retain length. If you are feeling your hair is not thriving the way it should be then this is definitely something to consider.

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