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There are several things a girl needs to amp up her summer look. These summer accessories are truly essential to have and use through out these warm months. Whether they are used to help amp up your summer style or can be seen as useful tools to help you look and feel your best this summer season.

1. ALWAYS Remember to wear sunscreen. No matter the skin type or how much melamine your skin has everyone needs to wear sunscreen to protect them from the damaging sun rays.

2. A great tote bag is truly essential in being able to carry all of your great summer items in.

3. Hats are also great in order to hide away from the damaging summer rays.

4.Sunglasses are also another essential, great for the health of your eyes and aiding in the protection of the summer sun rays.

5. Great summer books are great essentials that can help you relax and decompress and are great to take with you on your long summer vacations.

6. Music is always great to have with you and to take with you on your long summer vacations. There are many great portable music systems that you can take with you on the go.

7. Towels and blankets are great essentials to bring along with you on on a beach day or for a day in the park..

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