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Summer Tune Up

We are well into the Summer season and many of you are thinking about tuning up and making changes with yourself for the spring. These changes may be physical involving diet exercise and overall health. Many others are looking to change there overall style, hoping to improve on what they wear and how they look. A Spring/Summer tuneup may mean many different things to different people. For me personally I am working on overall health and hair growth. This season I am switching up my routine and I am first and for most working hard on eating healthier eliminating the excessive amount of times I eat in the day and working to incorporate healthier snacks. I have also been seriously tracking my daily eating on the My Plate App, doing this helps me to become more aware of what I am eating and how much I am. As far as hair growth is concerned I am working hard to develop a routine using lighter product that do give me moisture but not as much moisture as I need in the winter months. I am also focusing on daily scalp messages as well. This helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp helping the hair follicles to generate and hair growth. With these changes I am able to Develop overall better health in all areas.


1. Devise a good set of goals that you are looking to achieve within your Spring/Summer tune up.

Your goals must be realistic, easily attainable and be beneficial to your overall health and well being.

2. Once you have developed a good set of goals it is then time to develop a routine that would not only works to help you achieve your goals but is also easy for you to do. You don't want to create a routine that is hard to do and requires a lot of complicated steps. This may cause you to not stay focused on reaching your goals because of the complicated routine.

3. Lastly it is important to Continue to stay focused on your ending goal as well as staying consistent with your routine so that you will be able to see the results that you are looking for.


-Watch Your Food Portions

-incorporate More Fruits And Vegetables

-less Sugary Drinks

-Get Out And Be More Active

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