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Things To Consider Before Locking Your Hair

Many people who are first entering into their loc journey are excited about the freedom of having locs, not knowing or understanding that the loc journey does involve some maintenance, especially if you are looking to grow your locs to a certain length. Some of the steps you did with your loose natural hair are not things you can do with your locs especially in the early stages (anything under a year.) When starting this new hair journey there are many important things to consider and do before you begin the process.

  1. Before locking your hair it is important to trim your ends if needed. It is best to start your locs on healthy hair with healthy ends. This helps prevent your locs from growing in an unhealthy manner.

2. Before starting your locs color your hair. Think about color and are you happy with the color you currently have? If not it is important to color your hair before you start your locs, because it is recommended that once you start your locs to

stay away from hair dye for at least the first year or otherwise after consulting your loctician.

3. During your loc journey (especially in the beginning) you are not to use all of the same products that were used in and on your loose natural hair. In order for the strands to loc they must be given a chance to, stay dry away from extreme moisture. Using light oils and avoiding heavy butters is a must in helping to loc the hair to loc and allowing the strands to tangle within themselves. It is important to wash the hair a little less frequently as well, keeping it dry.

After considering all of this information you are able to move forward in your loc journey and take the proper hair care steps in order to help your hair loc faster.

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