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For those who follow me on Instagram and YouTube you are aware that recently I have decided to start bunning my hair as a way to protective style my hair for a few months maybe longer. I have noticed a lot of postive reason for doing it and so far for me it is going well. I am retaining a lot of moisture and I am enjoying not having to focus on my hair ever day. When bunning there are several things that you need to remember.

1. Make sure that your buns are not tight. ( You don't want the bun to pull your hair in anyway).

2. Make sure that your hair is well moisturized before bunning (i.e Leave In conditioner, oil or cream moisterizer).

3. Make sure that you are changing the positioning of your buns often ( Vary your bun styles and the positioning of them on your head).

4. Make sure that you are still caring for your own hair, eventhough you are bunning.

A. Deep conditioning between buns.

B. Washing and Conditioning your hair often.

C. Trimming ends when needed.

D. keeping hair moisterized.

The purpose for doing this bunning challenge is for you to find a way to protective style you hair that is fun and easy to do. So enjoy the process and the result of doing this.

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