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Ways To Fight Humidity

Dealing with hair whether natural or relaxed in the summer is a huge challenge. Don't worry there are tons of ways to combat humidty while still having you hair look good.

1. Opt for styles that keep the hair away from the face such as buns. (Just make sure there not tight)

2. Play around with protective style, maybe this is the time to protctive style, so that your not having to deal with your hair on a regular basis. (Doing styles such as braids and weaves)

3. Try using accessories such as headbands to keep your hair off of your face.

4. Don't always expect your hairstyle to continue to look perfect when you are outside in the hunidity. ( Your Twist Out may look perfect in the morning and not so perfect in the afternoon THATS OK!)

5. Make sure that your hair is SUPER moisturized in these summer months. Moisture is KEY in helping to keep your haisyles from easily frizzing up due to humidity.

These Tips may help you beat the humidity and enjoy your hair in the summer months. Don't forget if your hair is experiencing fizz embrace it, and enjoy the summer and don't stress over your hair.

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