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The Winter months can be one of the hardest months to style for. On one hand you want to look cute and stylish but on the other hand you want to be warm and cozy as well. With this style dilemma it is hard to figure out what items are essential to help improve that boring Winter look. Here are a few items that you can incorporate to your look in order to take it over the top.

1. Scarfs:

Scarfs are a great essential to add to any Winter look. With scarfs you can add a quick pop of color to any boring outfit. With the use of a scarf you can take a look and make it much more dressy or tone down the look of an already dressy item. Scarfs are a great accessory that can be purchased in a variety of fabrics colors and styles. As a natural girl I prefer and suggests scarfs that are made of non woolen material ( just in case I decided to wear my hair down) so that the ends of my hair are not rubbing on the wool. Not only are they a great stylish addition to any wardrobe but they are essential in keeping you warn during these cold months.

2. Sweaters:

Sweaters are another great essential to incorporate in your Winter wardrobe. Sweaters can be stylish and come in a variety of colors and designs. Most people think of sweaters as something only worn at ugly sweater parties, but can be and should be seen as more than that. Sweaters can be super cute and take your everyday style over the top. A Sweaters can be worn with a pair of jeans and a cute boot or with a cute Winter skirt. With natural hair sweaters can be seen as something one does not wear but in fact with natural hair you can wear sweaters more often than you think. Pair a sweater with a silk scarf around your neck so that your hair is not rubbing on the sweater, or just simply wear the hair up off the neck. Don't be afraid to add this item to your essential Winter style

3. Hats

Hats are something that most naturals are afraid to add to their Winter style. Most naturals see Winter hats as a detriment to their natural hair and style. Nowadays hats are great to be worn by both naturals and non naturals alike. There are many companies these days that make Winter hats that are satin and silk lined on the inside. These hats provide protection to the natural hair, mainly because they allow your natural hair to only be touched on the inside by the satin or silk, causing the hair to not even come in contact with the outer wool. If these hats are hard for you to find and or you are looking for a much cheaper alternative you can hand sew a satin or silk fabric to the inside of the hat. If you have no skills or luck with sewing you can just add a silk or satin bonnet to your hair before placing the hat on your head. These ways keep your hair protected and allow you to be able to incorporate a stylish Winter hat to your essentials.

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