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Alopecia The Real Struggle

To Think Any Hair Journey Is Without Struggle Is So Very UnRealistic. Everyone Goes Through Some Level Of Struggles When It Comes To Their Scalp/Hair. Some May Experience Small Struggles, While Others Experience Serious Struggles With Both Their Hair And Scalp. The Important Key Is To Be Able To Find A Way To Overcome These Hair Struggles Without Causing Further Damage To The Hair And Scalp.

For Me I Have Experienced A Lot Of Issues With My Hair And Scalp Throughout My Lifetime. I Have Also Done A Lot Of Research And Studying In Order To Overcome These Issues, In Order To Get My Hair To Where It Is Currently. I have Dealt With And Am Still Dealing With Alopecia Areata. Alopecia Areata Is A Scalp Condition That Happens When The Immune System Attacks The Hair Follicles And Causes Hair Loss. At First I Didn't Know What Alopecia Was And That This Was What I Was Specifically Dealing With, With My Scalp. All I knew Was That My Hair Was Thinning And Was Beginning To Break Especially Around The Crown Area. The Problem Began To Precist The Older I Got And Soon After My Sickle Cell Had Gotten Worse, The More Medications I Was On For My Sickle Cell And Colitis. It Started With Just Thinning Around The Edges And Persisted To Totally loss Of Hair Around The Edges And Parts Of My Scalp As Well. I Became Increasingly Upset And Embarrassed With The Loss Of my Hair.

I Started To Find Ways To Cover Up These Issues, But In The End It Was Not Helping Me To Correct The Issues At Hand. I Also Began To Realize That The Things I was Doing To My Hair Were Making Things Even Worse. I Was Using A Lot Of Hair Gel To Swoop Over The Bald Spots In Order To Cover Those Areas. I Also Was Using Weave Hair To Cover Over The Bald Areas, Which Made It Worse Because The Glue I Was Using Was Pulling What Existing Hair Was Left In Those Areas. I Lastly Was Using Hair Chalk As Well As Hair Paint Products To Cover Over The Balding Areas. These Products Were Not Allowing My Scalp To Breathe And Except Oils And Other Moisturizing Products That Are Meant To Help Aid In Restoring The dying Hair Follicles.

I Became Increasingly Frustrated And Upset With The Way My Hair Was Looking And Feeling. My Scalp Was Becoming Increasingly Sore And I Began To Lose More And More Hair Especially In The Crown Area. I knew I Did Not Have The Financially Means To See A Dermatologist/Trichology, So I decided To Do The Proper Research Myself In Order To Find Out Specifically What Was Wrong And How To Overcome It. After Researching Various Hair/Scalp Conditions, I decided To Make It My Mission To Learn More Not Only About What I Was Experiencing, But Other Hair/Scalp Conditions In Order To Help Others As Well. I First Began To Realize That My Sickle Cell Was The Main Reason I Was Experiencing This Hair Thinning And Loss. I Learned That My Weakened Immune System Was Causing The Issues I was Dealing With. This Is Because My Body Was Not Producing Enough Vitamins And Protein In Order To help My Scalp Produce More As Well As Keep Hair Strands. Along With That I Also Realized That I Have A Genetic Disposition Which Is Causing My Hair To Be Thinner And Much Weaker. I Also Began To Realize That The Medications Along With My Sickle Cell Were Causing Extreme Fluctuations In The Levels In My Immune System. I Lastly Began to Understand That All Of The Things I Was Doing And Products I Was Using To Cover These Bald Spots, Where Doing More Damage To My Scalp. These Products Contained Ingredients Which Were Clogging My Scalp, Causing My Scalp Not To Breathe Freely And Except The Proper Moisture And Nutrients From The Proper Products That I needed.

So What Do I Do To Correct This? The First And Most Important thing To Do Is To STOP USING EVERYTHING I WAS CURRENTLY USING. It Was Essential For Me To Go Through All Of My Products And Access The Ingredients that Were In All The Products I Was Using. I Also Secondly Had To Develop A More Simplified Hair Routine. This Was One Of The Main Reason I Decided To Start My loc Journey (Which I Think Was The Best Decision Ever). With My Loc Journey I Am Using Very Little Products As Well As All Organic Products With Simple Ingredients. This Is Why I Developed My Own Natural Organic Hair Oils. I Also Started To Incorporate More Vitamins In my Daily Routine Not Only In My Daily Multi Vitamins (Such As Iron And Biotin), But Also In The Vitamin Rich Protein Foods I Eat. Now My Routine Is Very Simple. I Also Had To Incorporate Minoxidil Into My Weekly Routine. Minoxidil Is Used To Increase The Blood Flow In The Scalp And Around The Follicles In Order To Increase Hair Growth. I Use This Several Times A Week, Messaging It Into My Scalp For A Minimum Of 5 Minutes. This Product May Not Be For Everyone, Because It Is Intended For Those With Extreme Hair Loss. For Me Making All Of These Changes Has Helped Me In So Many Ways.

Lately I Have Seen Significant Improvements In My Hair. I Am Growing Hair Back In My Crown Area Little By Little And Have Ditched My Old Routines And Bad Products. Experiencing These Extreme Issues Has Not Only made Me More Knowledgeable About The Hair/Scalp, But Has Inspired Me To Get My Trichology License, So That I Can Help Others Using My License.

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