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New Year New Me (Making Realistic New Year's Goals)

With the new year upon us it is super important to develop a list of goals that we are looking to achieve this year. Doing so sets our minds and intentions in the right place for the year ahead. When setting goals for the year it is important to look at what we are trying to achieve this year physically, mentally, spiritually as well as career wise. The important thing to remember when setting these goals is to make sure they are attainable and work within your lifestyle. Goal setting is something that is truly crutal in order to make sure that you are continuously following in the right path in your life. For me my goals are simple, for me and my family to remain in good health and to work on strengthening my mental health as well as remaining consistent with my business and my influencing content. I also am looking to better my finances this year as well. I love to make my goals simple so that I am not putting too much pressure on myself to complete goals that are way out of reach and unobtainable. Also with making these goals I also want to give myself time to rest and reflect as well, never pushing myself too far where I become stressed out or over worked. With my anxiety I tend to become stressed out very quickly, so it is important for me work at a steady, smooth pace. Goal setting does positively move your mind and body in the right direction and give you things to constantly look forward to each and every year. Here is the link and information on the planner that I am using this year IG @brianna_chatese

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