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Combining Locs To Do Or Not To Do

When I first started my loc journey over 2 years ago, I was completely in love with my microlocs. At this point today I am still in love with my micro locs.There was a point in my journey where I truly wasn't. This happened mainly because I started to see my locs breaking , my hair was becoming very thin at the roots and it started to snap and break. I started to think that my thin hair density could no longer hold these thin locs. I decided to go through the process of combining my locs to help remedy the problem. After twisting my locs together to start the process, I crotched only at the top and the very bottom, just in case I wanted to uncombine them later. After wearing my locs in a combined state I quickly realized I do not have the same level of versatility, with my combined locs as I did with my microlocs. The versatility is the main reason I decided to install microlocs in the first place. I also started to realize the main reason my locs were thinning at the roots is because I was retightening my hair to soon. With this new found epiphany, I started the process of un combining my locs. The process was fairly easy because I did not completely interlock the two locs together. I basically had to pull them gently apart and unwravel the twists. In the end I was so relieved to have my microlocs back, along with the versatility that comes with having my locs so small. From all of this I learned how it is important before making any major decisions with your locs to access your hair and find out what the problems are and if your hair really needs to be combined or is it just an issue of over maintenance. For me my locs never really needed to be combined, I just needed to go longer time in between my reties. Once I did my roots have grown out and my locs are no longer thin at the roots.

The lesson that I have learned from all of this is not to retighten too often and give my roots a chance to grow. Retightening too often has caused my roots to become thin and that is exactly why my locs have snapped and broke. I also have learned that wearing my hair in two strand twists has helped my hair to grow in a lot of ways. it also has kept my grid intact as well as kept my retightenings look neat. Within my 2 and a half years of being loc'd I have gone through so many ups and downs and I have learned so much. I finally feel that I have now through studying and serious practice have developed a routine to care for my locs and am ready to share these techniques with you all. I want to be able to teach you all the the education I have gained since working to become a licenced Trichologist.

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