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Comfy Inexpensive Clothing Haul

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Finding pieces that can be used to mix, match and layer are easier than you may think. For this Fall upcoming Winter season layering is key, not only for warm but also can be a great addition to your look. Finding pieces that you can mix and match does not have to be expensive. Khol's has a wide variety of pieces that are not only stylish, but affordable as well. In my Haul I purchased a few leggings in different fabrics and colors. Some of the leggings I purchased were gym wear and many others were thicker and for everyday wear. I am also able to transition the gym leggings and wear them under neath other leggings for extra warmth. In my haul I also purchased a few tank tops in different colors these can go under pieces and be mixed and matched with the different leggings for both the gym and everyday wear. I also was able to purchase a few t-shirts that can be interchanged with the different leggings I purchased. All of the items were from Khol's and were inexpensive. The leggings were less than 15 dollars and the tank tops were less than 10 dollars and lastly the t-shirts were less than 20 dollars.

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