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Deciding To Go Back( The Decision To Go Back Loose Natural)

The decision to go back to loose natural was not an easy decision. I felt in the beginning that going back to loose natural meant that I had failed myself and my loc journey. I also felt that I had caused huge confusion with my new loc'd followers and my old loose natural followers. I had to think long and hard about what I felt was the right decision for me. I asked myself the question where did I want to see my hair in the next 5 years? To be completely honest I could not see myself with locs in the next 5 years. Knowing this made the decision very clear. I was going to do what made me happy and that was to go back to being loose natural. The next decision was how to take out the locs I had for almost 6 months. I had done a bit of research on how to remove locs and I quickly discovered that there were several different ways. One way was to comb them out, which I did try and not to my surprise did not work and was becoming increasingly frustrating. The second method, which was the method I ended up choosing was to simply cut them out. The only downside of cutting them out was that I had to start back wearing my hair in a small TWA (Tiny Weeny Afro). I was highly upset with having to cut out 10 years of natural hair growth, but i am quickly realizing that it is only hair and it will grow back even better than ever. As far as all of my followers I know that they will continue to follow me and watch me as I progress in this journey.

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