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HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY HYDRATING HAIR MASK: This is a new product that I have purchased in the quest to find a better deep conditioner for my hair. Before this I had been using the same Cholesterol Deep Conditioner for the past year. I have realized that this deep conditioner was not really doing anything for my hair. The Cholesterol Deep Conditioner is very thick in consistency and with my thin hair this product was way to heavy and was not very moisturizing to the hair. After doing a bit of searching I think I have really found a Deep Conditioner that is perfect for my hair. This conditioner has a lot of positive qualities for me that makes it the best deep conditioner I have tried thus far.

1. This deep conditioner is very light weight and is a great for thinner textures because it will not cause the hair to be weighed down. This product gives the hair a very weightless feel.

2. This product is very moisturizing and gives the hair a great deal of shine. This Conditioner is enriched with Argan oil. Argan Oil is a great oil to use in the hair because it helps bring shine to the hair, as well as is great for healing the scalp of any damage (such as damage from tight protective styles). Argan Oil is great in helping prevent frizz in the hair as well. This product also has Soybean Oil which great for nourishing the scalp helping to add shine to the hair. Lastly soybean oil is great to use when you are doing scalp messages because it aids in blood flow and circulation to the scalp.

3. This Deep conditioner gives the hair a great deal of softness and is perfect to use when detangling the hair. This product has a lot of slip which aids in helping one to finger or comb detangle their hair.

This Deep Conditioner for me has all of the essential components that a good Deep Conditioner should have. This product is moisturizing as well as light weight and is great to detangle with. For a Deep Conditioner it is reasonably priced at around $9.00 and is well worth the value.

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