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Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner:

This leave in conditioner is the second product that I have purchased from the Eden BodyWorks product line. I am always interested in trying new products especially leave In conditioners. This product is definitely something that I have found to work very well on my hair and I see the many benefits that this product provides.

1. Moisture: This product helps to provide the hair with a great amount of moisture. This product includes coconut oil and shea butter cream which are two essential ingredients which help to lock and seal moisture in the hair, causing the hair to not only be shiny looking, but frizz free as well.

2. Softness: This leave-In also provides a great deal of softness to the hair. This product glides easily on to the hair shaft giving the hair a great deal of slip which is ideal for final detangling or raking through the hair. After using this product the hair becomes soft and easy to continue to style, whether a twist out, braid out or wash and go.

3. Works well with many natural Styles: This leave-In adds a great deal of moisture to the hair and helps with achieving the best natural hairstyle possible. With the amount of moisture that this product has along with the great deal of slip this product provides it helps to develope the best twist out, braid out and wash and go that will last for 5 to 7 days and maybe even longer.

I truly enjoyed using this product and may be repurchasing this product again, the one and only problem that I had with this product in particular is that it did not mix well with my other products (such as my echo styler gel). I love using my echo styler gel for my wash and go's and I found that when using this product mixed with the gel I experienced clumping. When I switched to using a different gel in my hair I did not experience this problem. This lead me to believe that if and when I repurchase this leave-In I will not be using it in conjunction with my echo styler gel but my other gel(which still gave me amazing results). This product is very resonably priced under $10 and is well worth the purchase.

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