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Starting A Loc Journey

The decision to embark on a major lifestyle change can be very daunting, especially when it come to ones personal self. I have made the decision to embark on a major lifestyle decision, such as Locs. Many may begin to ask what are locs? Why did you personally decided to make such a drastic lifestyle decision such as locs? How did you install these locs on your own? How will this decision effect your business dealing with natural hair?

Why did I decided to make this major lifestyle decision? Deciding to start my loc journey was a decision that I debated back and forth on for over a year. I have been a loose natural for almost 9 years ad when I started my natural hair journey I never though of the idea of having locs, all I knew was that I was no longer going to relax my hair. I did love the journey I experienced being a loose natural for over 8 1/2 years but I became increasingly tired of dealing with my natural hair on a daily basis. I gave my hair a break with protective styles, but deep down I was still not happy nor satisfied with my results. I then came to realize after much time and research that I wanted to loc my natural hair. Through out my life I have known and met many people who are locked and I was loving the results they were achieving as well as the freedom they were having with their hair. I knew that I wanted to loc my hair but I did not know how nor did I know how I wanted them to look. I began to research and came to the realization that I wanted my locs small and neat in its pattern. I started to research and learn a lot about Sisterlocs. One I learned about the specifics of sisterlocs I knew this was definitely what I wanted to do.

What are locs? How did you install these on your own? Locs are a permanent interlocking process that is done on either small or large sections of hair. The interlocking process permanently locks or intertwines these sections of hair together and over time as ones hair begins to grow the locs begin to form and the hair begins to interlock together even more. After a lot of research I began to learn about the many different ways a person can go about locking their hair. I learned that locs can start out as mini braids and overtime as the hair begins to grow you can start interlocking the hair that is growing from the root. Another way is with styling gel and or wax, with a palm rolling technique, I lastly learned about using an interlocking tool which is used to help lock the hair and start the process faster. After much research i decided to go with sisterlocks. They are small like I like and can be styled in so many ways after installed. As far as how they were installed I used a crotchet using a 4 point interlocking rotation. This means that I used the crotchet hook and moved in 4 different directions in order to lock the strands of hair together. I started of by washing my hair then I began to part my hair in the same pattern as would anyone who is getting sisterlocks installed. I Bantu Knotted each section and I let that air dry for the next two days. To install I used a crotchet hook after I took down each section (one at a time). I split each section into 1/4 inch tiny squares and began to do knot the end of that squared section and placed my crotchet hook in the middle of that tiny section. Then I used a hook methods where I inserted my hook to the north, south, east and west. pulling my hair through the middle split as I go. I hooked my hair with the latch hook in this pattern all the way up till I reached the roots. I did this for all of my hair. This process for me was slow and it took a week to complete, but was truly worth it in the end.

What Have You Learned In This Process So Far?

I have learned so much sense I have started this journey. One of the most important things that I have learned is to be patient with this journey. Much like my loose natural journey I am learning to take my time and be patient, this is not a journey that happens overnight. I have learned also that I need to make sure that I do less with my dreads just letting them grow, as well as making sure I wash and retwist properly every 4 to 5 weeks. In doing this I will definitely see growth in my dreads and my hair will stay neat. This is a journey i am excited to embark on and am taking this journey step by step day by day.

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